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11 April 1994

The good is rational

Banks generously give billions of dollars to Ted Rogers for a merger that will destroy thousands of jobs, but are stingy with small and medium-sized businesses -- which are the biggest job creators.

Our fear was what it would be like in a world where decisions were made by computers; also we feared the marginalization of ordinary, non-elite, people -- we would become totally dispensable and dispensed with.

The fear was that computers will replace people.  But in a rationally computerized society, run on a basis other than greed, computers can serve and enhance people's lives by allocating resources in a rational manner.

At some point in the future, the logic of the machine may radically contradict the logic of the socioeconomic system.  At that time, company presidents and executives better watch out, because they may be the ones who will be judged obsolete, and dispensed with.

From the point of view of workers' interests, computerization may be the best thing that ever happened.  In the computer, the rational animal may finally meet himself, and rejoice in the reunion.

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